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Keithley Instruments manufactures measurement instrumentation. The company has headquarters in Ohio in the United States and is now part of Tektronix and owned by the Danaher Corporation. The company can trace its roots back to 1946 and has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality, high-performance electronic instruments designed to meet the needs of electronics manufacturers. Keithley complies with ISO 14001 Environmental Management System requirements and is committed to conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner. To this end, the company conforms to the EU WEEE product recycling requirements, is RoHS compliant, and meets the requirements of the REACH hazardous chemical restrictions. Keithley's range of programmable laboratory power supplies includes models with three independent outputs and various output voltage ranges, including the popular 0-30 volts DC range, and outputs up to 5 amps. For specialised applications, high voltage DC power supplies can go up to 10 kV DC. The company's flexible source and measurement instruments give customers the ability to generate and measure signals in one compact device, while its function generators can generate all common waveforms required for product testing. Standalone bench multimeters round off Keithley's comprehensive instrumentation range.


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